Peso-peso internet or hulog-hulog internet: What is it? How it works?

If you got five 0ne-Peso coins in your pocket, you can either buy five candies or go online!

Your five coins are enough to check few emails, post status on Facebook or play online games. And read your daily horoscopes perhaps or watch YouTube video.

Internet access is getting cheaper and easier. Thanks to coin-operated PC's that are connected to internet.

How it looks like?

Source: Someone sells that. Go to source link to get details.

What's its name?

Locally, it is called, Peso-peso internet although we hear others naming it as hulog-hulog internet. I heard someone mentioned internetan. (internet + suffix an, meaning: internet cafe). In forum, it is described as Desktop Computer with coinslot and digital timer piso (Peso).

Name it whatever you like. People are more interested on its functions than standardizing its name.

Can you describe it?

A good friend describes it as portable internet cafe but most likely a vending machine selling internet minutes. He would add: Peso-peso internet also make use of old PC's and of course the CRT monitors. We slowly migrate from CRT to LCD.

Where to find peso-peso internet machines?

Anywhere. But Peso-peso internet machines are common sight to low-income group communities. Obviously, class A and B of our society don't like it but the masses need it.

It is where it's target users (market) are.

Peso-peso internet machine stands are also spotted among middle-income communities and even in traditional internet cafe setup like the sample image below. This saves internet cafe attendant's time.

Peso-peso internetImage is used as sample. Source: Pinoyblogoshpere. Notice the red arrow. It points to the coin slot.

How it works?

Very simple, he told me. And added, doesn't need a user's manual.

I observed a school age boy. He dropped some peso coins on the slot, grabbed the mouse, pull the keyboard and started to click. He played an online game. After a while, we hear the beep sound. The boy dropped more coins and continued playing.

Easy to operate, indeed!

Beside the boy was a frail-looking middle-aged man watching porn video. Aside from my friend and I, there are many heads (most are children) peering at the boy's game and the man's videos. Just just looking at computer screens but some onlookers are talking and shouting, and cheering.
With Peso-peso internet or hulog-hulog internet you can browse, stream videos and sounds, play online games. You cannot insert a flash disk because the computer's CPU is inside its - we call it as shell. You can enjoy Yahoo chat. Some machines got webcam. I saw many girls chatting.

The Peso-peso internet or hulog-hulog internet, whatever it should be called, works well and serves well. Does it earns well? The next time we visit the place, I should look for the owner and ask about the business angle of it.


Anonymous said...

Nice article! I always see these things in our barangay but i never got the chance to try them. Indeed, the information age is really getting its popularity as more and more people will be getting easier access to the internet..

AlmyrSian said...

Nice, this is one of the reason why some Internet Cafe closed. And I think this one has more profit compare to Internet Cafe.

Anonymous said...

Hi! juz want to ask kung kakayanin ba ng wireless smart bro plan 999 to operate a 5 pcs. huloghulog internet?

Rhicedith Margallo said...

wow ..!meron space samen ..!!
sino may alam na nagpapalagay ng pesonet :))

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